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YHS DESIGN新作丨杨焕生、郭士豪:《离忧》

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  设计者:YHS DESIGN设计事业 / 杨焕生、郭士豪




  室内坪数:40坪 / 133 m²



  摄影:Weimax Studio




  Project Name: Ethereal

  Designer: YHS DESIGN / Jacksam Yang, Steven Kuo

  Category: Beauty / Spa

  Project Location: Taipei City, Taiwan

  Project Sq. Footage: 133 ㎡

  List of Primary Sources: Solid wood, Iron, Wood carving art, Mirrors, Wallpapers

  Photo Credit: Weimax Studio

  Project Description

  The use of rhyme in textures, the refreshing smell of woods and the flowing art space breaks the imaginable space of the past and abandons the existing impression of how a commercial space should be.

  One can sense the detailing of crafts, smell the breath of nature and feel the vibes of curves and lines and the vibrancy of ink gradation within the space. Everything seems calm but it is like flowing water to the eyes. It is an artistic feast of vision, scent and touch that allows people to have a temporary getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is a space where people can calmly taste and drink in the rare ambient encounter.

  The solidity of woods is absorbed in the rhyme of the surrounding materials. From afar, it looks like an installation art but once look closely, it is a piece of exquisite craft. We deconstruct woodcrafts and textures in the space and subvert the traditional image of a hair salon with the means of the rearrangement of the materials and the reconstruction of the space and meanwhile infuse it with energy and aesthetic. Stepping into this unique and amiable space, one can feel the flow of visual aesthetics and enjoy the warmth from nature and the ingenious woodcrafts. This is an urban oasis where people can relax and immerse themselves.


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