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浆果设计研究所|鸟ヌ,玲珑无界 别有洞天

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  周博 & 蔡雨洋


  Zhou Bo & Cai Yucai

  Co-Founder of Jingle Design







  In the urban city, "Yakitori & Sake" is like a spiritual vehicle where diners and space, senses and atmosphere, emotions and scenes are delicately linked. Each and every good experience will contribute to the longevity of its business value.


  坐落在沈阳香港路繁华街头的鸟ヌ餐厅,是一间小隐于市的日本料理店。隐逸的风情与闲寂的格调,让这里成为都市里的一处遁世之所。担纲本案的浆果设计,于商业逻辑与场景体验的严谨合一下,以食客与空间的情感链接为基点,以简雅的日式美学勾勒意境,营造出这样一个空间 —— 仿若自在的“精神出口”,令人暂别喧嚣,从味蕾至内心,感知到属于自我的放松与惬意。

  Yakitori & Sake is a Japanese restaurant located on the bustling streets of Hong Kong Road in Shenyang. It enjoys a secluded style and serene tone, making it a place of seclusion in the city. Jingle Design, who worked on this project, adheres to commercial logic and scene experience, with the emotional connection between diners and the space as the foundation. By doing so, a "spiritual carrier" with simple and elegant Japanese aesthetics is created, where people can get away from the noise and feel relaxed and comfortable from the taste bud to the heart.




  At the entrance, the dark and stylish facade sets off the mystery of the restaurant, while the brass metal mesh covering the glass makes the warmth of the interior vaguely visible. "Drawing inspiration from the serene and elegant Japanese aesthetics, we strive to incorporate the Japanese food culture into the space. As a result, when people first enter the space, they are met with a sense of calm, elegance, and comfort of being in the moment."


  When pushing the door in, a deep line of movement draws the diners' feet into a progressively different aesthetic experience. In keeping with the distinctive Japanese dining style, the designer exhibits the immersive Zen state of the space through color and lighting. Among them, brown wood with a simple structure and the charcoal black adds a touch of tranquility and stability. Under dim lighting, every guest in this place can indulge in the slow life at this moment.



  Jingle Design believes that the emotions conveyed by the original materials are the most essential and moving. The large areas of burnt cedar wood and rocks, which retain the beauty of the original color, exude the rugged charm with unique visual art, while revealing the true interest of layer.


  "Upholding the unity of design aesthetics and commercial value, we hope to go beyond the simple and elegant aesthetic connotation of the space, bringing a good experience to each guest. In this way, they can feel the artistic life and touch the deep memory of the space from the outside to the inside."


  The designer creates a detailed seating area along the front window by using a combination of leather and wood. The customers are wrapped in the gentle and graceful beauty of the city’s hazy silhouette outside the metal mesh. All they feel is a healing time flowing through it.


  The quiet and simple atmosphere of the space is enhanced by the irregular tabletop shape with wood grain and natural indentations. A deep sense of comfort will linger in people's hearts and fatigue and worries dissipate, as they sit around the bar, gossiping with friends, accompanied by the neatly displayed wine and the mild light.



  In an effort to echo the tranquil and simple Japanese style, the designer chooses a large wooden grille embellished with textured rocks, rendering the quality and ultimate craftsmanship from the details of the material to the overall tone.



  Design Postscript



  The fast pace of city life makes people want to press the pause button and leave the hustle and bustle of the surroundings behind. Yakitori & Sake is exactly such a spiritual vehicle, where not only serves as a eating place, but also diners can indulge themselves in the taste bud and relax both physically and mentally through a perceptible, touchable ambience and aesthetic connotation.


  Jingle Design has always believed that the enduring vitality of commercial space results from the resonance of scenes and emotions. Therefore, under the multiple values created by the design, Yakitori & Sake finally achieves the unity of aesthetic art, resonant experience and commercial value.

  项目 NAME|鸟ヌ Yakitori & Sake

  地址 LOCATION|中国·沈阳 Shengyang, China

  面积 AREA|142㎡ 142 square meters

  时间 DATE| 2021年12月 December, 2021

  设计 FIRM|Jingle Design 浆果设计研究所

  主创 DESIGNER|周博、蔡雨洋 Zhou Bo, Cai Yuyang

  团队 TEAM|曾凡龙、马迪、赵亮、姜旭、周贵聪、解仪龙、孔祥宇、刘中男

  Zeng Fanlong,Ma Di, Zhao Liang, Jiang Xu, Zhou Guicong, Xie Yilong, Kong Xiangyu, Liu Zhongnan

  摄影 PHOTOGRAHPY|图派视觉 TOPIA Vision

  材料 MATERIALS|石材、金属网、玻璃、木饰面等 Stone, metal mesh, glass, wood finish, etc.


  浆果 Jingle Design


  Jingle Signifies

  A Surging and Vibrant Fruit.


  Jingle Design Institute was founded in 2016 by two pioneering designers, Zhou Bo and Cai Yuyang, with offices in Shanghai and Shenyang respectively. The team is committed to " achieving spatial aesthetics with business logic; creating amazing experiences continuously". Jingle Design provides holistic professional services, from business positioning and planning, space design to soft furnishings and installation art, which help to create sustainable value for commercial brands.


  With the brand concept of "making commercial spaces vibrant", Jingle Design constantly explores the possibilities in commercial spaces and interactive experiences. As directors of spatial experiences and lifestyle opinion leaders, the Jingle team overturns the past to present more cutting-edge design. Their work covers diverse commercial spaces, including boutique hotels, resort spas, food and beverage retail spaces, beauty clubs and showroom designs, which allow the space to be both aesthetically and experientially satisfying.


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