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  Project Name: GSIA Guizhou Standard Association Office Space

  项目地址:贵州省贵阳市观山湖区金融城C座501-502 / 550023

  Location: 501-502, Block C, Financial City, Guanshanhu District, Guiyang, Guizhou.


  Design Company: Guiyang Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd.


  Chief Designer: Xiongming Li


  Design Cycle: April 1, 2019 to April 28, 2019


  Opening Time: September 6, 2019


  Area: 368 square meters


  Cost: 8.8 million RMB


  Main Materials: floor tile, wood floor, latex paint, glass brick







  Photographer: Chao Liang

  设计说明Design Description


  In the Internet era, when capital and technology are reshaping the world, people's needs and behavior patterns are changing, and some traditional functional spaces are being changed. This case selects gray and white two kinds of color to regard as the main tone of the space. In the intersection of condensed and simple elements, under the cleaning of the pure and beautiful humanistic style, the gray of floor tiles and the white of emulsion paint are integrated to explore the most balanced state of human and space, and establish the harmony and warmth of the space.


  The drop-down door integrates the thinking mode of modern architecture,it uses simple square nesting to form a matrix square column with great visual beauty, and then combined with lighting to create a sense of hierarchy, which gives people a progressive subjective experience and expands the depth and imagination of vision.


  The interior continues the same visual experience as the exterior facade, calm and not lonely. Step by step, the visible part greatly retains the texture and the material itself. The front desk abandons too many complicated decorations, and the background wall uses simple and intuitive grid three-dimensional modeling to create a rich sense of end view hierarchy. The countertop interspersed with stone and metal breaks the dull and serious atmosphere of low brightness color space, gives a refreshing experience and highlights the personality and connotation of modern enterprises.


  The semi-closed structure of the reception area not only takes into account the openness of the space, but also considers the sense of privacy and formality that business negotiation should have, which reflects the combination of functional and artistic block space. There is no superfluous decoration and furnishing here, but only the simple and elegant shape is used to express the dialogue between the design and the space, so as to balance the overall rigid texture and give people a sharp and concise feeling.Bare pipelines with industrial wind elements on the ceiling, iron-shaped spherical glass chandeliers with a rich sense of style, arts and books full of humanity on the display walls ... injecting aesthetic marks into the mood of the space, reflecting the the professional, elegant, artistic and aesthetic features of the enterprise.


  The style of the office area is fashionable but not conspicuous. In the atmosphere of the overall simple industrial style, the designer reasonably exerted the formal beauty of the building structure itself, and given the space more imagination. The work station is dense and flexible, and the moving line is smooth but not rigid. While meeting the functional requirements, it avoids the cramped feeling brought by crowded personnel, and creates a harmonious and pleasant use experience.


  The simplicity of the space, the clarity of the structure and the purity of the materials are the aesthetic carriers of the case. Designers use the language of architecture and the way of light and shade, line and surface dialogue to design the space, strengthening the original sense of the space. A large area of grille glass is used in the hall on the second floor to deconstruct the order of the space and create a visual effect of the time corridor.


  The multi-functional area follows the functional requirements and realizes the integrated layout of intensive and flowing. The continuous shelves greatly stretch the spatial pattern, allowing the regions to talk to each other without interference.Through natural stone and wood texture, the designer shows the change of the depth of the space and outlines the simple lines to create a balanced, harmonious and continuous flowing space environment. In the pursuit of art and practical balance at the same time, restore the warmth of life.


  The manager's office uses more bright colors to express a kind of capable and efficient space mood. With the smooth decoration line, the concave modeling top adds a touch of artistic quality to the serious business tone. The orderly arrangement of tables and chairs reflects the fast-paced and high-efficiency required by modern office. The spacious and comfortable space layout also eases the tension brought by the fast-paced. The relaxation shows the humanistic care and business philosophy of the enterprise.


  In this case, the designer uses an open and free moving line function partition to make up the sense of space closure, and uses a large area of cement ash to establish the temperament of the space. Through practical insights in appearance as well as through a continuous and slightly changed design idea, it not only expresses the business philosophy, humanistic quality and core value of the enterprise, but also meets the functional requirements hidden in the user, showing a flexible, modern, dynamic and innovative collaborative space.

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